Route-based services with operational synergies.

Our business lines

Rentokil Initial is focused on its three main business lines of Pest Control, Hygiene and Workwear as well as a range of other smaller specialist services including Plants, Medical services, Property care and Specialist hygiene. All of our services are route-based which means that while our people may carry out different services, there can be shared operational synergies including back office support from procurement of vehicles and fuel, route optimization tools, finance and IT.

We have over a million customers to service from the largest multi-nation pharmaceutical, industrial and food production companies to local shops, restaurants and homes.

1 – Pest Control

Rentokil Pest Control is the world’s leading commercial pest control company, operating in over 60 countries. This is a growing global market and Rentokil is strongly positioned for growth with leading positions in the UK, continental Europe, Asia, Pacific and South Africa, and a rapidly expanding presence in North America.

We have an 8% share of the estimated £9.5bn market for pest control services and we are continuing to increase this share through a combination of organic growth and targeted acquisitions. Pest control remains our priority category for acquisitions to build density. Rising standards of hygiene are driving greater demand for pest control across our markets, particularly in emerging economies.

Our key points of differentiation include our brand strength, international reach, innovative products and an operating model that allows us to deliver our collective expertise through our front-line service colleagues. This is being helped further with our investment in information technology enabling us to serve customers better, faster and more efficiently.

We deliver service to all commercial sectors and, while customers in the food processing, food service and food retail sectors are the most prominent given their legislative requirements for pest control services, the majority of our revenue comes from non-food sectors where we continue to see increasing market penetration and growth opportunities.

Residential pest control represents 22% of category revenue with over 75% of this coming from the US and Australia. On a per capita basis these two countries have much larger residential markets for pest control than in Europe catalysed primarily because of the importance of termites in these markets.

Rentokil maintains a strong pipeline of innovations to drive further growth and build our leading technical capability.  Our unique proprietary products underpin our differentiation.

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2 – Hygiene

Initial Hygiene is the world’s leading hygiene services brand with leading market positions in over 20 of our 43 markets including Pacific, Asia, the Caribbean and top 3 positions in Europe, UK and Africa.

We provide high-quality hygiene products and services that minimise risk of exposure to bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms. This is a complementary business to Pest Control with compatible operational model and a strong profit contribution.

Initial offers a wide range of services including the new Signature and Reflection ranges, together with Colour and No Touch options. Our focus is on product and service quality to sell more services per customer; targeting higher-margin customers and increasing retention rates.

We achieve high customer satisfaction levels and believe this is a key competitive advantage.

More recently the launch of the new ‘myInitial’ extranet tool gives complete transparency about individual customer service including proof of service and proof of delivery.

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3 – Workwear in France

Initial Workwear in France specialises in the supply and maintenance of garments, such as workwear and personal protective equipment.

Initial also offers a specialist cleanroom service for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. This category has a complementary fit with Hygiene, benefiting from a shared brand, linked service and integrated route-based operations.

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4 – Other

Ambius is one of the world’s leading interior landscaping companies with businesses in 16 countries. We install and service both interior and exterior plant displays, flowers, replica foliage, Christmas decorations and ambient scenting for commercial businesses. Ambius is North America’s largest office interior plants business.

Other businesses include property care and property insurance, and specialist medical and hygiene services.

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