No-touch Hygiene Services Product Range

Initial’s range of touch-free hygiene products provides customers with washrooms of the highest standard.

Initial continues to raise hygiene standards across the world.

Initial’s range of no-touch hygiene products reduces the risk of cross-infection by eliminating the need to touch the soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser or sanitary disposal bin.

This elevates a customer’s standard of hygiene and ultimately contributes towards the positive image of businesses using such facilities.

enMotion: No-touch paper towel dispenser

The ultimate in touch-free paper towel hand-drying, the enMotion no-touch paper towel dispenser offers a reliable and fully-automated

method of dispensing single sheets of paper towels. There is no contact with the machine itself, eliminating any risk of cross contamination.

Sanitact: No-touch sanitary disposal

Sanitact, our touch free sanitary disposal bin, is the modern solution to women’s needs for total hygiene certainty.

And as there is no physical contact with the sanitary disposal bin, the risk of cross-infection is reduced significantly.

No-touch soap dispenser

The No-touch soap dispenser offers a much more hygienic alternative to standard soap dispensers - a dose of liquid soap is dispensed by passing your hand under the sensor. Choices of refills for Initial’s touch-free soap dispensers are available, including anti-bacterial hand wash.

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