Adding value through information technology.

Connect technology adds value for customers

Rentokil has launched PestConnect as a pilot in the Netherlands and is now successfully running at over 1,000 locations.  This uses rodent traps with wireless data connectivity that communicate when activated - to inform the technician and update in real-time the myRentokil extranet – alerting to a possible issue.

This same technology has now been used to develop two new products, CageConnect and HygieneConnect.

CageConnect uses the same proprietary sensing technology to deal with the issue of trapping live wildlife in an effective and humane way without a technician needing to check the trap every day. For instance, in order to manage an issue of squirrels in a loft, traps can be placed and rather than the technician visiting every day top check the traps, we receive an automatic alert ensuring a quick and effective response, when activated.

HygieneConnect is the first wireless monitoring and display system, designed to raise hand wash compliance in places where good hand hygiene is essential. The solution works through a combination of washroom sensors which monitor how many people enter the facilities and how many of those people wash their hands with soap.  Then, the overall combined percentage of people who washed their hands is displayed on a real-time hygiene display monitor for everyone to see.  The percentage that is displayed is aggregated and therefore anonymous, making it a very effective solution that prompts individuals to change their behaviour without compromising their privacy.

Initial has piloted the system in multiple sectors across Europe, involving over 100,000 activations.  

Data intelligence from the pilots indicated that the average baseline hand wash compliance was around 40%.  After displaying the hygiene display monitor, however, hygiene behaviours changed significantly with hand wash compliance reaching an average of 80% and above.