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Initial Hygiene provides a dedicated and expert hygiene service. It offers the widest range of washroom hygiene services including the provision and maintenance of products such as air fresheners, sanitisers, feminine hygiene units, hand dryers, paper and linen towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and floor protection mats.

Our two hygiene ranges, Signature and Reflection, offer a full range of services and a consistent look and feel across a customer’s washroom.

A clean and hygienic environment is a safer, healthier and more pleasant place to live or work. Establishing good hygiene practices throughout an organisation reduces the risk of infection being passed from person to person. As a result, fewer days are lost to sickness, which translates directly into real cost savings and increased productivity.

Did you know?

New no-touch hygiene range: Initial has launched a full range of no-touch hygiene products to reduce cross-contamination risk in the washroom.

Add a splash of colour: Our new colour range of hygiene products are available in nine colours and three finishes – to match customer’s own washroom decoration or brand, as well as building high standards of hygiene.

The importance of hand washing: in the washroom is readily acknowledged as a means of reducing infection, but its practice can be improved in most organisations.  Rentokil Initial has undertaken a series of trials across Europe involving 100,000 people which monitored hand washing compliance.  From low levels (as low as 38% in some cases), hand washing compliance rose by between 30 and 50% when Initial HygieneConnect was installed.  This new system monitors compliance and displays an anonymous compliance percentage for people in the building to see. It changes behaviour quickly and is sustained.

Responsible: In the UK, Initial Hygiene has replaced 50,000 aerosol-based air fresheners with Modular Airfesh units.  These are more environmentally friendly, with 46% waste reduction, including 25% fewer chemicals (replaced by ones with low toxicity and flammability leading to safer disposal).

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