Rentokil is the global leader in commercial pest control.

Experts in pest control

Rentokil is the world’s leading commercial pest control company providing the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness to customers.

Across the world, businesses and homeowners trust Rentokil to solve their pest problems. We offer a complete range of pest control services from rodents to flying and crawling insects, to other forms of wildlife management. Different countries have their own individual challenges from snakes in South Africa to termites in America.

We have a strong innovation pipeline. Our global technical centre provides effective and innovative solutions for pest control with specific emphasis placed on health, safety and protection of the environment.

Did you know?

PestConnect: Is our new remote monitoring system, rolled out across 200 locations in Netherlands and Belgium providing 24/7 monitoring for pest problems on customer sites in between customer visits.  Launched for monitoring the risk of mice, devices for the monitoring of rats will be added in 2015.

Customer extranets: Rentokil’s extranet ‘myRentokil’ offers a full range of reporting features with added smartphone access.

Rodent proofing: Our Global Science Centre has undertaken behavioural observation research on mice. One result has been to identify the best proofing materials that can be used to stop mice entering areas and where best to place them. 

Effective new biocides: Rentokil undertakes research to keep ahead of changing regulatory requirements. For instance our RADAR rodent control units use CO2 rather than traditional rodenticides.

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