High quality workwear services in Europe.

100 years of service

In Europe, Initial Workear specialises in the supply and laundering of workwear, uniforms, clean room uniforms and protective equipment.  We support some of Europe’s largest hospitality and industrial organisations to ensure that their employees have the right workwear to support safe and effective working.

Each year we collect, clean and return over 100 million pieces of workwear. 

Our ranges are targeted to meet specific customer needs. For instance our Alpha collection is designed for industrial workers who operate machinery and equipment. Whereas the Delta Multi-Protect garments are flame retardant, anti-static and protect against electric arc and chemicals. These are targeted at workers in hazardous industries such as energy refineries and chemical plants.

Did you know?

Improved energy efficiency: Our Workwear business continues to improve its energy efficiency in processing plants.  CO2 emissions per tonne of workwear processed has improved by 20% since 2009.

Our 51 European workwear processing plants: Each is equipped with heat exchangers to recover heat lost in washing and boilers are being upgraded for improved efficiency. There are also six steam-free laundries.  These operate at roughly one third of the energy consumption of the other plants.

Reduced water usage: For several years, our European workwear processing plants have utilised water recovery systems, reducing both water and energy consumption and delivering effluent suitable for subsequent reuse.  These together with the introduction of steam-less laundries have resulted in water consumption reduced by 26% since 2009.

Highest standards: Our Workwear cleanroom processing plants all meet ISO9001 standards, as well as ISO 146441-1 which relates specifically to its pharmaceutical customer requirements.

Perfect fit: A 3D body scanning unit is being piloted to support those customers with large numbers of employees to measure and fit, ensuring the perfect fit every time. Previously, measurement was undertaken manually. The technology delivers cost and time savings as well as improved reliability and accuracy, leading to improved customer service.

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